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World Music Tuesday: Vincent Rafford

Jump start your week at The Yard with its newly-launched World Music Tuesdays!

This lineup of worldly musicians will take you on a trip around the world without ever having to leave the city, or even The Yard. From Brazilian funk and Caribbean folk to Parisian gypsy jazz and Afro-Caribbean artistry, World Music Tuesdays is here to give music lovers a taste of it all.

March 20th brings Vincent Raffard of The French Horn to The Yard. A French singer-songwriter whose music can't be categorized into just one stylistic genre, Vincent is creator and band leader of The French Horn Collective. 

His music consists of a combination of traditional French music, pop, modern acoustic, and jazz genres which are combined to create very personal compositions and arrangements. To Vincent, the lyrics play an integral role in his music and in presenting his views on race, religion, social equality, justice, and love.

Vincent has performed in Paris at various venues such as Roubaix, L'Olympia, and US Tour. Established in South Florida since 2007, Vincent also performs regularly throughout Miami in venues such as Lagniappe, Pax, Soyka, The Van Dyke, and Bardot.

His first album as a composer, "CĂ©lestin", was released in 2006 and distributed by Sony/BMG.