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Cleanse and Restore with Essential Oils

Please join one of Miami's most popular yoga teachers, Jennifer Pansa, as she explains how to take your health off your yoga mat and into your life. In this class, we will be focusing on how to use essential oils to cleanse the body and life of toxins and restore natural inner balance. You will learn Jenn's favorite tips on how to shed excess pounds moving into the new year and begin to feel and look your best! Learn and experience and the great benefits of topical and internal uses of conventional essential oils as well as the powerful mood enhancers of aromatherapy. We will discuss the general know-how of essential oils, where they come from, different qualities of essential oils, essential oil safety, and the most useful oils to reduce toxicity.

"Get ready to enhance your entire being and you learn how to empower your life with essential oils! I believe life is better when we are happy and in a state of flow. My mission is to guide you to cultivate the best, balanced, and authentic expression of mind/body/spirit by providing helpful tools that create lasting results.

How we feel is a result of what we think, say and do. Think, say, and do in an expression that is a reflection of the TRUE YOU!"