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Having Fun With Dim Sum- Cooking Class

Back by popular demand "Having Fun with Dim Sum" cooking class at the Wynwood Yard

In this cooking class we are making Dim Sum with a twist, we are switching seats!

I think it's time to mix things up a bit; truth is we can all learn something from someone else. We will all make two pieces dim sum, steam and eat, then switch seats. We will work with in groups of four in a large family style setting, and rotating around the table until we have ended back in our original seat. 

Each participant will make several pieces of two different types of dim sum, chili oil pork wontons and crystal shrimp dumplings. We will work in pairs in a larger group of four.  Chef Sarah will lead and assist the class in shaping crystal dumpling dough, filling, folding, and steaming. Then we eat our hard work, switch seats and do it all over again with strangers.

This will be a hilariously fun cooking class: we will learn, network, flirt, eat and have a good time. See you there...


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