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That's Amore: Gnocchi and Chocolate Truffle Cooking Class

Join Chef Sarah, of the Sprouted Chef, for another fun cooking class. In this cooking series we will be making potato gnocchi from scratch followed by a chocolate truffle lesson from guest Pastry Chef Maria Selas. 

The evening will start with you, some flour, an egg and a potato. Together we will make gnocchi dough, roll it, and cut it into fluffy little clouds of deliciousness. After a quick boil we will finish your gnocchi lesson by sautéing your fresh made creation in a luscious tomato basil sauce. 
Pastry Chef Maria Selas will jump in and lead the class demostrating how to work with chocolate ganache. You'll learn to shape the ganache into truffles while highlighting different flavor possibilities. A small chilled marble slab will be provided to you to play with your chocolate ganache. Finishing your tasty chocolate balls in a vartiy of toppings.

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