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Essential Oils to Enhance Wellness

Please join yoga teacher Jennifer Pansa to share her passion on how to experience the powerful positive effects of aromatherapy, topical and internal uses of common essential oils. We will discuss the basic know-how of essential oils, where they come from, different qualities of essential oils, essential oil safety, and the most popular oils and how to use them. 

Lecture on how to use essential oils in your daily life to 

  1. enhance your mood
  2. increase your health  
  3. incorporate non-toxic wellness in your home 

Jennifer Pansa is a well respected international yoga teacher and has been featured on the cover of yoga journal. She has been using essential oils in her yoga practice for many years and just recently began to share more in-depth knowledge of the benefits of using essential oils as a continuation of the practice off of the mat. 

In order to preserve the intimacy of the group and answer individual questions, please make sure to reserve your space.