Miami Food Entrepreneurs Pitch Event

June 7

Five promising Miami-based food and beverage start-ups will pitch their concepts to Miami’s most visionary real estate developers, investors, bankers, and non-profit thought-leaders.

The purpose of this initiative is to cultivate diversity and innovation in our local food and beverage ecosystem by: matching promising entrepreneurs with viable business locations; building a funding network for Miami F&B ventures; and allowing Miami-focused real estate developers, landlords, and investors to identify local best-in-class concepts that will inspire new ideas within the evolving retail space.



David Martin, Terra Group

Joseph Furst, Goldman Properties

Matt Haggman, The Knight Foundation 

Michael Comras, The Comras Company

Nicole Shiman, EDENS


Criteria for Pitches:

· Must be a food or beverage concept

· Must be Miami-based company. Submissions will be limited to start-ups and existing operators with limited units, [i.e. no chains or long-standing operations]

· Must have a brick & mortar model / customer-facing point-of-sale model

· Must present an innovative concept that will enrich our local culinary scene and propel it forward


Three Stages of Entrepreneurs Invited to Apply:

· Early Stage / Pre-Launch: clear vision and concept, compelling founder, still needs capital and/or space

· Successful MVP: Founder has proven that concept works in a single location and is in a position to scale the business

· Proven Concept Looking to Scale:  Founder has multiple locations and is looking to raise capital and/or for strategic locations

To Apply:

Send your pitch deck to with the subject: “Miami Food Entrepreneurs Pitch Submission”. In addition to an overview of your business, the pitch deck should clearly state your current organizational goals and needs as they relate to the pitch.  Are you looking to raise capital? Are you location scouting? Be specific about the outcomes you are looking to achieve.